Poems submitted to Time Tolerance Virtual Newspaper
(based on Andreas Lundt's Combine Your Grammar and Poetry Skills found at : http://home.online.no/~anlun/gram-po.htm)

A ghost
Invisible and frightening
Spreading fear quietly
Like the anthrax in the USA
If only I could see him.
Jonathan C, 14

The sky
dark and cloudy
preparing suddenly to throw a storm
Like a falling knife
If only the sun could shine again
Stephanie A., 15

A friend
Essential and kind
Trying gently to help me
Like a brother or a sister
If only I could do the same to him
Daniel L., 14

A panda
soft and beautiful
Trying desperately to survive
Like the jaguar
If only they were not in extinction.
Christophe F., 14

strange and magic
changing quickly all the time
Like the pages of a fairy tale
If only I could read them.
Amanda L., 15

The war
Destructive and tragic
Killing quickly innocent people
Like a terrorist with a bomb
If only it didn't happen again.
Ezra C., 15

The night
Cold and dark
Invades slowly the day
Like the shadow of hatred
If only fear would disappear.
Michel B, 14